When your college professor says: ‘the assignment for our next class is to write an argumentative essay’, you visualize yourself sitting for hours in the college library surrounded by stacks of books trying to put pen to paper and come up with an essay of acceptable quality…But what if we tell you that writing argumentative essays may not only be beneficial for you in terms of skill acquisition but also – believe it or not – rather entertaining?

Argumentative essay: definition & structure

An argumentative essay is a type of paper where a student is required to investigate a particular topic. This involves both collecting and evaluating evidence, determining you own position regarding the matter discussed, and supporting it with convincing arguments. The secret of writing a top-notch argumentative essay is having a clear structure in your mind coupled with a flight of imagination and a flash of inspiration!

Revealing secrets of argumentative essays

Some encouraging news: argumentative essays generally have the similar structure. This means that whether you are majoring in Advertising or Digital Humanities, whether you are a freshman or a senior, whether you are studying at Coventry University in the UK or the New School in the US – the essay outline will be pretty much the same, which makes the task significantly simpler. Here is our step-by-step checklist which will help you craft an effective argumentative essay:

  1. Engaging introduction. As in any essay, the first paragraph introduces the topic with some background information and is followed by a clear and concise thesis statement which reflects your position on a topic.
  2. Impressive body. The body of an argumentative essay normally consists of a few paragraphs with each of the paragraphs being limited to the discussion of one general idea. Remember that every idea should be supported with evidence collected during research – this may include observations, interviews, statistical data, and experiment. Don’t forget about the opposing viewpoint – you should dedicate at least one paragraph of your essay to stating conflicting opinions on the topic and supporting them with well-thought-out arguments.
  3. Powerful conclusion. Some students may underestimate the importance of conclusion –don’t make this mistake! Conclusion is the last chance to prove your point of view. In this paragraph you briefly summarize your arguments and restate the thesis. Here you may appeal to the reader’s emotions and double your creative output – all means are acceptable when you want to leave an unforgettable impression on your audience.

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