Writing a dissertation is a culmination of one’s academic career. The aim of the dissertation is to showcase your skills and prove that you are capable of carrying out independent research in your field of study. In other words, a dissertation is the final project of a PhD candidate presented in order to gain a doctoral degree.

When a student gets to the point of writing a dissertation, they are sure to experience excitement, panic, euphoria, and hysteria all over again. But don’t worry – this is a part of the process! And if writing a dissertation is something that gives you a panic attack, contact Work2.me and order dissertation online!

How to write a dissertation: four practical tips

With the help from Work2.me experts, we have gathered the best dissertation writing tips, which will help you construct a winning PhD dissertation.

Tip 1: Use prewriting strategies. Before beginning to write the very first lines of your dissertation, you should answer a few questions about your research. What is the aim of your dissertation (what problem are you going to solve)? Why is it important to find a solution to this problem? What methods of obtaining data are you going to use? Discuss these questions with your scientific supervisor before writing introduction to your paper.

Tip 2: Organize your sources. When working on your dissertation, you will be definitely faced with this problem: there are so many different sources that you need to use! A piece of advice from experienced writers is to keep track of your sources. For example, you can create a folder on your laptop and keep all your electronic articles and books there.

Tip 3: Don’t procrastinate. OK, this sounds a little bit trivial. However, if you are unwilling to spend the final weeks before your dissertation is due like a hamster in a wheel, you should make writing your dissertation a daily task. Set a certain time slot (an hour a day will be enough) when you will be working on your dissertation and stick to this until you are done with the task.

Tip 4: Be prepared to rewrite. This is the part of work most students are not looking forward to. But this is a part of the process and an opportunity for you to make your dissertation as perfect as you can. We should all aim for perfection!

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