How to write multiple choice questions

An indispensable component of any university course, multiple choice questions are designed to evaluate how well students understand the course material. However much you may prefer multiple choice questions to written papers or open-ended questions, it doesn’t mean that this form of assignment is the simplest!

A multiple choice question generally consists of a question with three to five possible answers. Generally, a student needs to choose only one correct answer from the list of options available. If you think that only those students who have an in-depth understanding of the subject can successfully cope with multiple choice questions, you are not quite right. In fact, to solve multiple choice questions, you also need to be aware of special strategies and techniques, as well as to have experience in taking such type of tests.

Solving multiple choice questions like a pro

The problem with multiple choice questions is that the answers are usually similar to each other and are designed to confuse and mislead students. However, there are a few strategies a student can learn to increase the likelihood of choosing the correct answer.

Here are a few tips how to solve multiple choice questions if you are a university student:

Tip 1: Read the question. This is the first trick: before you check out the answers, you need to attentively read the entire question first. Maybe you know the answer straight away? If not, then make predictions what the correct answer can be. Only then take a look at the answers that come after the question.

Tip 2: Choose the longest answer. Scientists who study multiple choice question tests notice that the longest answer on these kind of tests is usually correct. This is why, if you see that one of the answers is significantly longer that the other four, be sure to select it – you are likely to hit the bull’s eye!

Tip 3: Don’t choose the answer that repeats the question. If there is an answer that repeats the question word for word, it’s likely that this answer is wrong. Generally, the correct answer paraphrases the point rather than uses the same words and collocations.

Tip 4: Be sure to go back. After you have selected all the answers, make sure that you check the entire test. Although this is time-consuming, it is possible that you will find a few mistakes and select different answers to certain questions. The main thing: do not be afraid to choose another answer!

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