Every college student will agree that university life is full of exciting events, meetings with new people, and…exhausting written assignments. We are sure you are familiar with this situation: on Thursday you are excited about the fun weekend ahead but then on Friday your professor gives you another time-consuming written task for a Monday class, which makes your weekend not so fun anymore.

For many college students writing a report is as frightening as speaking in the public. Bad news: crafting a report may be a daunting process. Good news: if you take one step at a time and use some effective writing strategies, creating reports may spare your time and nerves. And even turn into a pleasant and rewarding learning experience!

Tips to make your report shine

Sounds easy-peasy, doesn’t it? But hold on: before you get an A+ for your report, you should spend some time reflecting on its structure to avoid common mistakes students make. Follow our writing guidelines which will apparently make your report stand out!

  1. Choosing the topic. A key thing to keep in mind here is that being passionate about your topic is the first step to an excellent report. Are you an animal lover? Create a report on animal protection in the modern society. Interested in business? Write about how to build a successful startup. There are plenty of interesting topics – you just need to invest some time to reflect on them!
  2. Researching information. Make sure you are using reputable resources – try to maximize the use of books and minimize the use of the Internet: you never know if the information in the online sources is accurate!
  3. Prewriting your report. Many students neglect this stage, though it is of no less importance than the other stages. Prewriting involves creating a report outline, drafting paragraphs, and making a list of some useful phrases to be inserted into your paper.
  4. Writing your report. Every report should have a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introduction you mention the background of the problem and come up with a problem statement. Main body is where you provide evidence to support your problem statement. Finally, in the conclusion you summarize the ideas from the body part.
  5. Editing and Proofreading. Read through your report carefully (or have someone read it) and answer the following questions: does the evidence support the problem statement? Is there anything I should add or take out? Are there any sentences which are clunky to read? Having proofread, you may put your report aside for a couple of days and then read it again.

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