Statistics project is a type of written assignment which is becoming increasingly popular at universities in the UK, US, Canada, and other countries. This paper gives you a unique opportunity to show your ability to analyze statistical information and draw conclusions based on this data.

Why do many students find it extremely complicated to create a statistics report? This can be explained by the fact that professors at many modern universities have relatively demanding expectations of what a top-notch statistics report looks like. You cannot just add numbers and graphs into your paper; instead, you need to present a thorough examination of the statistical data using appropriate methods and focus on serious conclusions of your investigation.

Guidance on statistical reporting

Preparing a statistics report requires significant amount of time and stamina and may be a challenging task for any student. However, if you have plenty of time before the deadline and if you plan in advance what you are going to write in your statistics report, this task may actually turn into an enjoyable one which will enhance your skills. Follow our tips below if you want your paper to meet all requirements of your professor and make your statistics report perfect!

  • Start with an abstract. In this short part of your paper you make the reader acquainted with the fundamental results of your report, the methods you used, and final analysis. Begin with a hook to impress your reader and win their attention.
  • Go on with introduction. State your purpose in the first sentence, then proceed with what you expect to achieve in your project.
  • Discuss literature and methods. This is a crucial step where you explain which references your paper is based on, and which scientific methods you were using to conduct your research. Some students may disregard this step – don’t repeat their mistake!
  • Review your results. Any valuable data you discovered during your investigation should be mentioned here. This involves new findings, measurements, important charts, graphs and any other statistical information you collected during the research.
  • Share your conclusions. Let the reader know what graphs, numbers, and charts from the previous section mean by outlining their implications and consequences for the field of science you are studying. Here you may also talk about recommendations and ideas for future research.

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