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Recognized as one of the epicenters of college life in the United States, New York maintains its position as a state, which attracts thousands of international students each year. Historically being a destination for immigrants in the US, New York has always been a supreme symbol for the American Dream and for all the benefits that come with it, including economic prosperity, self-determination, and unique opportunities. This, together with a wide selection of universities (both public and private ones), explains the influx of international students to this northeastern state.

New York offers a foreign student a large number of educational institutions to choose from. A student can study at Columbia university, a prestigious Ivy League educational institution located in Upper Manhattan, New York City, or be enrolled at the University of Rochester, a medium-sized college in the city of Rochester. As you can understand, the list of available courses, majors, and minors is almost endless, and each student can find something based on their academic interests and career goals.

Studying in New York: top reasons for foreign students

Considered one of the most alluring places to study, it is no wonder that the state of New York becomes a top choice for thousands of international students. Why? Here are the reasons!

Reason 1. Highly-ranked universities. New York is home to a few internationally recognized schools, including the above-mentioned Columbia University and the University of Rochester, as well as the New School, Cornell University, New York University, and many more. A degree from such universities gives a student advantages in the job market.

Reason 2. Networking. Being a starting point for many successful people, New York gives international students a chance to get to know people from all walks of life. Building a well-established network of people whom you can meet here can guarantee you a high paying job and an exciting career.

Reason 3. Cultural hub.
Being the center of immigration in the US for many decades, the social life of New York is based on different cultures and languages. For a foreign student, this means two things: first, you will never ever be alone here! Secondly, you will be able to immerse in various cultures, get valuable intercultural skills, and reflect upon your cross-cultural experiences. writing service to support students in New York

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