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Excellent job market,  strikingly beautiful landscapes, and affordable neighborhoods – Pennsylvania has traditionally been a popular destination for international students. Aspiring to get a degree from a world-class university, students from all across the globe come to Pennsylvania to study here and to immerse themselves in the bustling atmosphere of this northeastern state.

From Philadelphia to Swarthmore

An astonishing selection of educational institutions in Pennsylvania makes this state a perfect destination for international students. From the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League college in Philadelphia, to the internationally acknowledged Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg and a high-rated Swarthmore College located in the city of Swarthmore – each student is able to find their perfect university.

The state of Pennsylvania has over a hundred educational institutions, offering undergraduate and graduate programs tailored to the needs of a particular student. Students from all over the world come to Pennsylvania to pursue a degree in various fields of study, including finance, international relations, business, engineering, architecture, and many more.

Why study in Pennsylvania? Here are the main reasons!

For an international student, a selection of universities all across the United States may be eye-popping at first. With thousands of colleges in various US states to choose from, one has to be very thoughtful and consider all the benefits of a specific university and state. However, we are sure that these three reasons will persuade you that Pennsylvania is a perfect match for you!

Reason 1. High-rated universities. There is no shortage of excellent universities in Pennsylvania, making this state a top destination both for American and international students. The drawback is that the application process can be rather tough, and the acceptance rate low.

Reason 2. Booming economy. Pennsylvania is one of the most prosperous and financially stable states in the United States. You know what this means for a graduate, right? Of course, the jobs with the biggest paychecks!

Reason 3. Exciting activities. From amusement parks to art galleries, from fine restaurants to historical sites – each person will find here in Pennsylvania something suitable that fits their interests.

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