If you are a university student, it is most likely that you have come across these two words: ‘academic article’. For some students even thinking about research articles (not to mention writing them) brings them out in a cold sweat and causes shaky hands. Others, however, happen to – believe it or not – have fun while crafting academic papers and do manage to produce the best content.

What makes a good article?

An academic article is a piece of academic writing based on the author’s scientific research on a certain topic. Articles are common assignments in many high schools and universities and may be on any topic, from ancient history of Edinburgh to interactive digital studies. Sounds not too hard, right? In fact, creating top quality research articles may turn out to be a daunting task – regardless if you are a freshman at University College London or a senior at University of Manchester.

Writing an A+ article

However, rather than getting frustrated about an article for days and weeks, you may choose another way which involves carefully following a step-to-step guide to writing an article:

  1. Read the instructions. Most articles are assigned by professors, who generally identify specific requirements for the paper. What’s the topic of my article? How many sources should I use? When do I turn in my homework for evaluation? Answering these questions will help you make the paper perfect.
  2. Research first. Research comes in various forms, including books in the field of your interest, journal articles, web sources, interviews and others. Be sure to use as many objective and reliable sources as you can to vary your information.
  3. Make an outline. No top quality article is ever possible without this step, so allow plenty of time for thinking about the structure of your paper to help you sort out the information you have.
  4. Stay original! Imagine your professor reading dozens of articles which are all written in the same manner…You do want your article to stand out, don’t you? Thus, explore your creativity and include into the article your own thoughts and ideas – and you are sure to make a good showing!
  5. Leave time to revise. This is the step many students neglect, especially since many articles are written in a hurry with deadline looming. Advice here: take some time to proofread and check all grammar and spelling errors, or have someone do this for you.

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