When a college student gets their first assignment to write a movie review, they are usually fascinated by the task given. However, the fascination tends to fade away once the student grabs a laptop to create the very first sentences of the movie review. In the end the situation is pretty desperate with a student experiencing feelings of panic and gradually losing interest in the task given.

Don’t let the idea that ‘writing a movie review is a simple assignment’ mislead you. Crafting movie reviews for your university class may well be a daunting and time-consuming task which requires both organization and a vivid imagination on your part. And considerable amount of time, of course – which is why starting your movie review one day before the deadline is a strategy which will unlikely lead you to an A+.

Writing a top-notch movie review

Despite popularity of movie reviews, many students have no clue how to write this type of assignment. A movie review is a paper where you make objective review of a particular movie. Your purpose is to assess both positive and negative sides of the movie and present your opinion. And this is precisely what makes a movie review assignment a challenging task: on the one hand, you have to demonstrate unbiased approach while describing the movie. On the other hand, you should also be engaging when you talk about your own opinion about the movie.

Follow our tips and leave your professor speechless

  1. Structure your paper properly. Each movie review consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. The aim of your introduction is to hook the reader from the very first line – for example, by sharing a surprising fact about the movie or by starting a review with a catchy quote from the movie. In the main body you provide specific details about the movie. The conclusion focuses on your individual opinion about the movie: did you enjoy watching it? Do you recommend this movie? Keep in mind that there are a few elements you should cover in your movies review including plot, cast, acting skills of the actors, cinematography, soundtrack, tone and mood of the movie. Remember: no spoilers allowed!
  1. Choose format. Even the best content of a movie review may be spoiled if you fail to choose the right format for writing your paper and to use proper referencing of the resources. Before starting your movie review, check with your university professor which referencing style you should use – APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), or OSCOLA (Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities).
  1. Give your opinion. Don’t make the reader guess if you enjoyed watching the movie or not. Present a clear opinion in your movie review – you may do this early on in introduction or wait till conclusion at the very end of your paper. Always remember to support your statement by relevant and well-structured arguments, instead of just writing that ‘the movie is good’.

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